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 Title  Date  Location  Speaker  Slides
Xdebug 3.0Jun 18, 2021Virtual London, UKDerick Rethans20
Xdebug 3.0Apr 15, 2021Virtual Zagreb, CroatiaDerick Rethans24
Xdebug on the way to time travelingMar 3, 2021Virtual Madrid, SpainDerick Rethans24
Xdebug 3Feb 25, 2021Virtual Montréal, CanadaDerick Rethans24
Xdebug 3Nov 18, 2020Virtual GermanyDerick Rethans32
Xdebug 3.0Sep 29, 2020Virtual West Vlaanderen, BelgiumDerick Rethans31
Xdebug 3.0Aug 27, 2020Virtual Mannheim, GermanyDerick Rethans31
XdebugAug 19, 2020OnlineDerick Rethans14
Xdebug 3.0Feb 8, 2020Miami, FL, USDerick Rethans29
The La(te)st PHP 7 — What's new in PHP 7.4Dec 11, 2019Brussels, BelgiumDerick Rethans46
Xdebug 3.0Dec 11, 2019Brussels, BelgiumDerick Rethans26
Xdebug 3.0Nov 9, 2019Edinburgh, Scotland, UKDerick Rethans28
Xdebug 3.0 Updates from the AuthorOct 24, 2019Washington DC, USADerick Rethans28
The La(te)st PHP 7 — What's new in PHP 7.4Oct 24, 2019Washington DC, USADerick Rethans46
Xdebug WorkshopOct 4, 2019Dresden, GermanyDerick Rethans29
What’s coming in Xdebug 3.0Oct 3, 2019Dresden, GermanyDerick Rethans28
Xdebug 3.0Jun 7, 2019Amsterdam, the NetherlandsDerick Rethans25
Xdebug 3.0May 25, 2019Belgrade, SerbiaDerick Rethans24
Xdebug 3.0May 11, 2019Verona, ItalyDerick Rethans26
XdebugMar 2, 2019Gdańsk, PolandDerick Rethans31
What's New in XdebugSep 28, 2018Singapore, SingaporeDerick Rethans24
What's New in XdebugJul 12, 2018Notthingham, UKDerick Rethans39
What's New in XdebugJun 10, 2018Kyiv, UkraineDerick Rethans39
What's New in XdebugJun 1, 2018Atlanta, GA, USADerick Rethans41
What's New in XdebugMay 20, 2018Istanbul, TurkeyDerick Rethans41
What's New in Xdebug?Nov 25, 2017Leicester, UKDerick Rethans24
XdebugNov 25, 2017Miami, FL, USDerick Rethans41
What's New in Xdebug?Jun 9, 2017Portsmouth, UKDerick Rethans26
Debugging: Past, Present, and FutureJun 24, 2016Amsterdam, NetherlandsDerick Rethans33
Debugging: Past, Present, and FutureApr 10, 2016London UKDerick Rethans33
Debugging: Past, Present, and FutureMar 5, 2016Minneapolis, MN, USDerick Rethans41
Debugging: Past, Present, and FutureNov 17, 2015Missisauga, ON, CanadaDerick Rethans40
Debugging: Past, Present, and FutureOct 27, 2015OnlineDerick Rethans37
Debugging: Past, Present, and FutureMay 20, 2015Rosemont, IL, USDerick Rethans36
Debugging: Past, Present, and FutureApr 8, 2015Portsmouth, UKDerick Rethans36
Debugging: Past, Present, and FutureFeb 20, 2015London, UKDerick Rethans38
Debugging: Past, Present, and FutureJan 24, 2015Edegem, BelgiumDerick Rethans35
Future of DebuggingNov 29, 2014Leicester, UKDerick Rethans10
Your Code Coverage is LyingNov 29, 2014Leicester, UKDerick Rethans16
Debugging: Past, Present, and FutureOct 29, 2014Santa Clara, CA, USDerick Rethans35
Debugging: Past, Present and FutureOct 4, 2014Manchester, UKDerick Rethans33
Getting the most out of XdebugOct 8, 2013Santa Clara, CA, USDerick Rethans25
Getting the most out of XdebugOct 5, 2013Manchester, UKDerick Rethans25
Xdebug for Symfony DevelopersSep 20, 2013London, UKDerick Rethans23
ProfilingJun 28, 2013Addison, TX, USADerick Rethans22
Performance Perpetrators: Profiling for ProfessionalsMay 15, 2013Rosemont, IL, USDerick Rethans22
Profiling PHP ApplicationsOct 23, 2012Santa Clara, USDerick Rethans21
Hands-on Debugging with XdebugOct 5, 2012Manchester, UKDerick Rethans40
Profiling PHP ApplicationsSep 15, 2012Utrecht, NetherlandsDerick Rethans20
Profiling PHP ApplicationsJun 4, 2012Berlin, GermanyDerick Rethans19
PHP Extensions - What and WhyMay 18, 2012Verona, ItalyDerick Rethans29
XdebugMar 2, 2012Montréal, CanadaDerick Rethans25
Profiling PHP ApplicationsMar 1, 2012Montréal, CanadaDerick Rethans21
Profiling PHP ApplicationsFeb 24, 2012London, UKDerick Rethans21
Profiling PHP ApplicationsNov 25, 2011Lille, FranceDerick Rethans21
Profiling PHP ApplicationsOct 29, 2011Barcelona, SpainDerick Rethans23
Profiling PHP ApplicationsOct 29, 2011Barcelona, SpainDerick Rethans23
XdebugOct 28, 2011Barcelona, SpainDerick Rethans24
Profiling PHP ApplicationsOct 22, 2011Kielce, PolandDerick Rethans23
XdebugOct 18, 2011Santa Clara, USDerick Rethans24
Profiling PHP ApplicationsOct 18, 2011Santa Clara, USDerick Rethans23
PHP Extensions - What and WhyOct 17, 2011Santa Clara, USDerick Rethans72
Profiling PHP ApplicationsOct 11, 2011Mainz, GermanyDerick Rethans23
PHP Extensions - What and WhyOct 8, 2011Manchester, UKDerick Rethans29
PHP Extensions - What and WhySep 17, 2011Utrecht, the NetherlandsDerick Rethans30
PHP Extensions - What and WhySep 1, 2011London, UKDerick Rethans28
Profiling PHP ApplicationsAug 20, 2011Sankt Augustin, GermanyDerick Rethans23
Profiling PHP ApplicationsJul 20, 2011Stuttgart, GermanyDerick Rethans17
Profiling PHP ApplicationsJun 16, 2011London, UKDerick Rethans23
Profiling PHP ApplicationsJun 4, 2011Moscow, Russian FederationDerick Rethans23
XdebugMay 27, 2011Chicago, USDerick Rethans24
Profiling PHP ApplicationsMay 25, 2011Chicago, USDerick Rethans23
Profiling PHP ApplicationsMay 21, 2011Amsterdam, The NetherlandsDerick Rethans23
XdebugMay 3, 2011Manchester, UKDerick Rethans24
Profiling PHP ApplicationsApr 4, 2011Warsaw, PolandDerick Rethans23
XdebugMar 9, 2011Montréal, CanadaDerick Rethans30
XdebugFeb 25, 2011London, UKDerick Rethans28
XdebugNov 10, 2010Paris, FranceDerick Rethans17
Debugging with XdebugSep 24, 2010Prague, Czech RepublicDerick Rethans16
Xdebug tutorialJul 8, 2010Ljubljana, SloveniaDerick Rethans44
Xdebug tutorialJun 10, 2010Amsterdam, NetherlandsDerick Rethans43
XdebugMay 20, 2010Chicago, USDerick Rethans22
Xdebug - PHP developer's swiss-army knifeMar 26, 2010Poznań, PolandDerick Rethans18
Xdebug - PHP developer's swiss-army knifeDec 10, 2009White City, UKDerick Rethans21
Xdebug - PHP developer's swiss-army knifeNov 16, 2009Karlsruhe, GermanyDerick Rethans21
Xdebug - PHP developer's swiss-army knifeOct 21, 2009San Jose, USDerick Rethans21
Making your life easier: XdebugOct 10, 2009Manchester, UKDerick Rethans19
Debugging with XdebugOct 5, 2009New York City, USDerick Rethans23
Debugging with XdebugOct 3, 2009Washington DC, USDerick Rethans23
Debugging with XdebugOct 1, 2009Miami, USDerick Rethans23
Debugging with XdebugSep 29, 2009Atlanta, USDerick Rethans23
Debugging with XdebugSep 27, 2009Dallas, USDerick Rethans23
Debugging with XdebugSep 25, 2009Los Angeles, USDerick Rethans23
Debugging with XdebugSep 23, 2009San Francisco, USDerick Rethans23
XdebugAug 14, 2009London, UKDerick Rethans23
XdebugMay 8, 2009Trondheim, NorwayDerick Rethans29
XdebugOct 28, 2008Mainz, GermanyDerick Rethans32
XdebugSep 13, 2008Barcelona, SpainDerick Rethans32
Xdebug tutorialJun 13, 2008Amsterdam, NetherlandsDerick Rethans33
Help, I Found a Bug in my CodeMar 14, 2008Montréal, CanadaDerick Rethans25
Help, I Found a Bug in my CodeMay 18, 2007Chicago, USDerick Rethans21
Efficient debugging with XdebugFeb 12, 2007Vancouver, CanadaDerick Rethans26
XdebugDec 2, 2006São Paulo, BrasilDerick Rethans26
XdebugJun 20, 2006Skien, NorwayDerick Rethans23
XdebugJun 15, 2006New York, USDerick Rethans24
XdebugMar 30, 2006Montreal, CanadaDerick Rethans18
XdebugFeb 27, 2005Brussels, BelgiumDerick Rethans29
Practical Debugging TechniquesFeb 27, 2005Cancun, MexicoDerick Rethans32
XdebugNov 19, 2004Paris, FranceDerick Rethans24
Efficient debuggingSep 30, 2004Zürich, SwitzerlandDerick Rethans20
Efficient debugging with XdebugSep 22, 2004Toronto, CanadaDerick Rethans37
Debugging PHP with XdebugJun 23, 2004Karlsruhe, GermanyDerick Rethans16
Xdebug in a nutshellMar 26, 2004Montreal, CanadaDerick Rethans34
Debugging TechniquesMar 2, 2004PHP|CruiseIlia Alshanetsky51
Xdebug in a nutshellNov 5, 2003Frankfurt, GermanyDerick Rethans23
Xdebug in a nutshellJul 31, 2003Vancouver, CanadaDerick Rethans12
Xdebug and an introduction to Zend MagicNov 4, 2002Frankfurt, GermanyDerick Rethans40
Debugging: Past, Present, and FutureJan 1, 1970OnlineDerick Rethans37